The RemotEAR Concept


RemotEAR's Deviceware technology enables you to perform remote diagnostic testing using the equipment you probably already have.  It's as simple as that -- and also that powerful.  With just an Internet connection, you can quickly connect to a remote office and administer a range of audiological tests with a patient, and then communicate with them to explain the results.  Deviceware works best when an Assistant is present to ensure that the patient is comfortable and appropriately positioned for testing, and also to help place the transducers and operate the probes for some of the measurements during the diagnostic testing process.


The Deviceware system is a simple, affordable and flexible way to assess patients at a distance, and perform needed screening or diagnostic services without having to travel to a remote office location.  It's a valuable additional tool for today's busy hearing care professional, and is affordably priced.

Our Patents and Licensing Opportunities


RemotEAR offers licensing of our tele-audiology platform that implements best practice methods of remote hearing diagnostics delivery.


The RemotEAR tele-audiology delivery model is covered by a series of United States patents for which RemotEAR has acquired rights.  The family of patents covers the model shown above (and others), and for use with diagnostic equipment used to perform audiometry, tympanometry, and Oto-Acoustic Emissions (OAE).


The currently issued U.S. patents are 6.916,291, 7,530,957, 7,854,704, 8,287,462, and 8,777,869.


The patents cover the implementation of a tele-audiology method and system that utilizes a network or the Internet to enable remote administration of diagnostic tests in a model that includes the patient and equipment at one location, and the remote hearing care professional at another.  In addition to the remote operation of the diagnostic equipment, it also addresses the use of audio and video conferencing technology to enable the interaction between the remote professional and the patient, both for the testing process and also follow-up counseling on the results.