Conferencing and More...
Our Deviceware solution is more than just a remote desktop tool.  It also has robust features that can help with the clinical needs of hearing care professionals.  Deviceware is based on a core web conferencing engine, but also has advanced tools like:
  • One-to-one and multi-point HD webcam support

  • Printing to a connected printer at the remote site

  • Full session recording (including audio)

  • Excellent audio quality for patient communication and speech audiometry

  • Simple, intuitive User Interface for quick learning and ease of use

Deviceware 14-Day Free Trial

You can try Deviceware right now -- for free. Just send an email, and include your contact information, preferred email address (this will be your login) and a password to use, and we'll set up a free trial account for you.

To begin, click the link below to send us a request for your trial account.


Send a Free Trial Account Request

How it Works  


You should wait to start your free trial until you are ready to perform testing, either with a colleague, or in a small office setting.


You'll need to have an audiometer, tympanometer, OAE or some other diagnostic device to use for your testing, and of course someone to test.

Once you're ready, just click the Start Deviceware button, and the software will be quickily downloaded and you can begin your session. Try as many of the features as you can, including the webinar mode and session recording, as all of these features are available in the RemotEAR Plus version.

Launch RemotEAR


Here's What You'll Need:  
To try Deviceware, you don't need much more than your PC and a network connection. Of course, to perform a test you'll need a diagnostic device, such as an audiometer, tymp or OAE device and an assistant and patient on the remote end.


  • PC with minimum 1024x768 screen resolution

  • High-speed Internet connection (1+ Mbps)

  • Webcam (optional but recommended)

  • Diagnostic device(s) at patient end

  • Assistant at patient location to help


Note: The audiometer or other diagnostic equipment at the patient location must be PC software controlled. Certain devices are not software controlled, and won't be usable for the Deviceware session.